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Ensure your financial and information security
Dear clients, Fraud cases have become frequent recently. Unknown people enter peoples apartments, by presenting themselves as charitable organization workers, take their mobile telephone, fill in all the necessary details, even take picture of the person, apply for a loan on behalf of them and transfer the money to their own accounts. Considering the fact that the mobile telephone is an important object for storing your personal information...
Idram and IDBank jointly draw 5 iPhone 12.
New Year New iPhone. Idram and IDBank jointly draw 5 iPhone 12. For participation make at least 1,000 AMD QR/NFC cashless payments via Idram or other payments starting from December 18 to January 20 according to the rules and get an electronic coupon on Idram account. There is no need to print the receipt. Choosing Rocket Line as a payment method generates 3 coupons at once thus increasing the chances of winning iPhone 12. The draw will take pl...
Be careful in the issues of using your accounts, cards and e-wallets
Dear customers, In the post-war days, cases of extortion and fraudulent fundraising became more active on social networks. When transferring money, please pay attention to the following: It is necessary to call back the person who asks you about help. Even if they write to you from your friends or relatives account, remember: it is possible that a third person has gained access to their accounts. During last days, it often happens that the sw...
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