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Power of one dram: new CSR program of Idram
Power of one dram: new CSR program of Idram

"Power of one dram" is the CSR program of Idram, which has a mission to support the development of key and strategical sectors in Armenia; health, education, green economy, environmental protection, social responsibility and public security.

Starting from June 5, 2020, Idram will be providing 1 AMD from its financial means from all payments made by customers through the Idram application, website and terminals. Thus, any person who makes a payment through the Idram system will immediately become the goodwill ambassador of the "Power of one dram" program without spending a single dram more.

Amount gathered till August 23 will be used for getting required devices for distance learning for pupils living in border and rural areas of Armenia.

The full list of beneficiaries of the program will be announced soon.

The aim of the program is to present how easy it is to face challenges and solve problems we meet when everyone is united around the same goal. Here, the role of the “one dram” is symbolic and shows how big is the power of it when we use our "one drams" to make our country and the environment more prosperous and developed.

Everything starts from one dram…